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Eye-Catching Reading Glasses

I’D ALWAYS PRIDED myself on my terrific vision, so when I hit my forties and found that I couldn’t read the phone book (yes, it was a while ago), I decided to deal with my disappointing new status by finding the best-looking reading glasses I could. There wasn’t much of a choice then either for variety of styles or places to find them, outside the utilitarian options of an optician or a drug store. At any rate, I went the prescription (and much more expensive) route and eventually located a relatively attractive pair.

Moving forward a decade or so (who’s counting), a lot has changed. All the media attention on our increasingly aging population has given eyewear companies and designers the incentive to manufacture fashionable, quality reading glasses for a clientele not willing to settle for boring and bland.

Here are ones that caught our eye from Peepers, Eyebobs and See.

–Janet Kelly

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  1. Janet Kelly says:

    Hi Janet!
    Thank you so much for including SEE in your recent post! We really appreciate it.

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