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May 13, 2014


Fashion411webQ. I just bought some casual dresses for the summer and was wondering what I should put on my legs when I don’t wear stockings to cover veins, bruises, discolorations, etc.  Thanks.

MLB: I’ve been trying out several products over the past few years. Here’s what I’ve discovered.

Laura Mercier: Body Bronzing makeup

Because with  few exceptions, self-tanners don’t give my legs natural-looking color, I’ve been using this tinted cream on and off for the past five years. The consistency is slightly thick, so be careful to spread it evenly to avoid streaking and let it dry before putting on clothes. It has a coconut-like fragrance, which if not unpleasant, does linger. You also end up with a slight sparkle on your skin.

Caudalie: Divine Legs 

The name says legs, but this lightweight, tinted lotion can be used for the entire body. The dispenser top makes it easy to regulate the amount you want to use.  It’s formulated for all skin tones, but I found the color slightly dark for my pale stems.  As I get more color as spring turns into summer, I’ll experiment with this product more, although I don’t find the sweet scent appealing.

ByTerry: Soleil Terrybly

I don’t use this new self-tanning product as a self tanner and I don’t use it for my face, as the directions indicate.  Instead I apply it “off-label,” slathering it on my legs and arms for the glow it gives my skin without any unsightly streaks. It’s available in two shades — Exotic Bronze and Sunny Beige. But at $93 for 1.18 ounces, that’s a real splurge. 

–Janet Kelly 


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