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Win Tickets for the Washington Monument (Contest Over)

April 27, 2014



(The drawing for these tickets has taken place.)

YOU ALL KNOW the Washington Monument. You probably also know that it was damaged in the 2011 earthquake (yes, our very own earthquake) and has been shut down for 32 months for $15 million worth of repairs. You may even know that the Monument is reopening on Monday, May 12.

What you may not know is that tours on that first day will be available starting at 8:30 am on a first-come, first-served basis, meaning a long ceremony followed by long lines.

Not your style, you say? We’re with you. MyLittleBird has a better idea: We secured a handful of tickets for tours on Tuesday, the second day (the whole first week is now sold out).

A few are for the 10 am tour and some for the 3 pm. And a pair of them can be yours.

How? Just tell us whom you want to take and why.

The most moving, or the most hilarious, or most something, will win an hour (approximately) for two of you high over the glorious cityscape that is Washington, D.C.

Put your thoughts into a Comment to this article and, as they say, we’ll get back to you. (But we really will.)

Post your Comment by 5 pm on May 4, 2014; we’ll announce the winners on May 5 on Facebook, and the winners will be alerted by email or phone.

–Nancy McKeon

12 thoughts on “Win Tickets for the Washington Monument (Contest Over)

  1. A Martin says:

    I would take my 4 year old son. We drive by the “rocket ship” monument a lot and he always asks if we can go inside.

    After having cancer last year I try not to ever miss a moment to do something fun and memorable with my family.

    I’m glad the Washington mon mentioned has been repared and is open again. 🙂

  2. CC Cheney says:

    I would love to win tickets, and relive a memory. As a child, I enjoyed riding the elevator to the top and racing down the stairs to beat my best time. Once I was with my grandmother and she was so worried, not understanding it would take 30 minutes if you were polite and didn’t knock people down to run down the stairs! Good times! I think the last time I did it I was 17 and it was 1976, the special bicentennial celebration year. I hear you can’t walk the steps anymore. Pity, it was a great childhood memory.

  3. I would love to get tickets to have a much needed day with my Hubby. We met on Capitol Hill and every year we try to do something special. We have never been to the monument together and it is his Birthday Month, so he should win! I take good pictures and will post and chat about the experience afterwards too! Win-Win!! #PickUs #DMVResident

  4. Olga L Martinez says:

    I have been in this country for 24 years,and becouse i dont make enought many to espend on it so i wish to be the luky person to win those tickets !

  5. Evelyn Phipps says:

    I’ve lived here 35 years and have never been up to the top! It’s time I go to see an aerial view of our nation’s capital!

  6. Michelle Burns says:

    Born and raised in Northern Virginia I can remember going to the Washington Monument and the other national monuments every summer. Relatives would come too (different ones each summer) and marveled about how we lived near Washington DC an all its sites. Almost all of those Aunts and Uncles that brought their children have passed on now, and the cousins that I spent time climbing the Washington Monument steps with have all scattered to the wind.

  7. Eboni says:

    I would love to take my whole family. Because believe it or not we have not been to the monument before. We’ve passed by many of times but never actually experienced being there first hand. I’m sure it would be very nice to actually go in there and explore history.

  8. Renita Hosler says:

    a perfect Mother’s Day week win. return to the top of the pencil. love the views and ready to see them again.

  9. Lisa says:

    I would love to go, I have not been in the monument in over 30+ years. My mom used to took us site seeing every summer into our early teens and we lived in SE.

  10. Patty salem says:

    Ive been here in the US for about 5 years and every single time I go around the National Mall, or drive close by on GW parkway, or walk around the harbor by Georgetown, I wonder when I can go up there.
    The same man I have been dating for the past close to 5 years have been there. I never dared asked who he had gone up with (he had a previous serious relationship before me) and Id be honest, I often wish it was me. If I do win the tickets should I take him with me?

  11. Hello my little bird,
    Well, I would like to try for some tickets. I would take my husband. We have been trying to get to the top of the Washington Monument since we met in 1985. We got married in 1986. At least once a year (except for the last few) since we have been married when we are downtown we have tried to see the monument and every time without fail, something has happened at the monument. They closed early, one time there was a leak (?), someone fainted, someone had a medical emergency, the winds were too high, too many people were waiting in line. We have always been willing to wait but the ‘monument’s’ reasons are endless. It has become a running joke between us that we will never make it to the top of the monument. That’s my story!

  12. andrea rouda says:

    Sounds like fun, but still–I don’t want any tickets to ride. As a freshman at American University in 1965, I climbed the stairs to the top of the Washington Monument with friends and when I finally got there, I promptly fainted. Not sure how we all got down, but that one time at the top was enough for me.

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