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The Washington Ballet’s ‘Peter Pan’ Is Dazzling–and You Could See It for Free!

April 17, 2014

Peter Pan - Jonathan Jordan 3 - Photo by Steve Vaccariello

Jonathan Jordan as Peter Pan. / Photo by Steve Vaccariello.

We are happy to announce that the winner  of the ballet tickets is Joanne Maldonado. Congratulations, Joanne, enjoy the show!

 You don’t have to be a child to be thoroughly enchanted by the Washington Ballet’s “Peter Pan.” In fact, Washington Post dance critic Sarah Kaufman says it’s one of artistic director Septime Webre‘s best ballets. She told us, “Septime isn’t afraid to be silly, and the ballet is lively, ticklish fun because of it.” Cases in point: Peter’s duet in drag with Captain Hook, which turns into what she calls a “yo-ho-hoedown,” and pirates who are especially fabulous in a glam-rock-star way.

Tell us why you love the Washington Ballet in the Comments section to register to win a pair of tickets to the Sunday, April 27 performance at 6:30 pm at the Kennedy Center.


51 thoughts on “The Washington Ballet’s ‘Peter Pan’ Is Dazzling–and You Could See It for Free!

  1. Diane Sabal says:

    I love the Washington Ballet. I especially enjoy their Nutcracker performances on a yearly basis. The magic of Peter Pan would be so exquisite to see!

  2. Dana Bowie says:

    I’d love to take my daughter who’s suffering from a severe illness to this as a distraction. This would be a God send.

  3. Fareeha Zia says:

    Why love Peter Pan ? Because he is the eternal boy, the quintessential child in all of us. As children we all believe. Really believe in the amazing, magical world made possible in our dreams. And as grown-ups we keep wanting to find those dreams. Which is why this story will never get old for us.

  4. Loretta says:

    I might be eligible for an AARP membership but I never want to grow up. Seeing TWB’s Peter Pan would be the pixie dust I need to continue my adventures.

  5. Elizabeth T. says:

    I pass the WBT building often and always love seeing the students going in and out, how great for them to foster such talent in young people!

  6. Astelle says:

    My daughter is 7 years old and just started learning ballet. She has had the opportunity to be onstage and perform a few times already. She is so inspired by ballet that she would like to become a ballerina! We have not yet taken her to see a professional ballet performance so I am sure she would be thrilled to see the Peter Pan production by Washington Ballet which must be truly phenomenal!

  7. Shawnta Cermeno says:

    Twb is amazing! What’s not to love?!? Where there is passion it shows in every movement and breath.

  8. Dawn says:

    I used to take my 6 children to see The Nutcracker every Christmas Eve. They loved it and I have loved the ballet forever myself, in fact I am totally in love with all forms of dance. I was shot twice in the head in 2007 by my partner and I lost lots of memories but I always remembered the ballet as a place I have always found peace. A most beautiful artistic display, always fills me with joy and peace

  9. Marie says:

    Always a fan of Septime’s Nutcracker! Would love to become of fan of his Peter Pan!

  10. Heather Sapp says:

    The Washington Ballet is a wonderful company that brings professionalism and artistry to a higher level. Seeing a professional ballet company perform is an inspirational dream for anyone who wants to escape from the mundane world into the world of magic and make believe. I’m especially excited about the opportunity to take my young daughter to see the Washington Ballet’s “Peter Pan” because it is the theme for her dance studio’s recital this year, so I know she would be thrilled to see professional dancers dancing the same roles she and her dance friends will be doing next month. It is her very first recital this year.

  11. Jelena says:

    I love the Washington Ballet because they’re wonderful and professional without being pretentious, unlike some other troupes. Their performances are very enjoyable and you feel connected to the dancers.

  12. Lynn Carey says:

    I have a 12-year old daughter who’s been dancing ballet since she was 3. She also dances jazz and modern. Her goal is to be a professional ballerina and jazz dancer. Last year she accomplished her 2 goals: to be on pointe and be a member of the junior company. To watch a very prestigious ballet company show would not only awe her but learn from what she sees from the dancers. Watching Peter Pan will inspire her even more to fulfill her dream of one day be a professional ballerina and inspire any aspiring dancer. Thank you!

  13. Deb Cunningham says:

    Recall my white-gloved 7-year old self at my first ballet — unforgettable. One could say that I was “HOOKED”!!

  14. Deletra Bailey says:

    I have a 12 year old daughter who has been dancing since the age of 4. She has exceled way beyond her years and is in love with Dance. She says it allows her to be herself and it provides a way to escape somewhere that makes her happy. Her goal is to become a principal dancer like her idol Misty Copeland. She is trained in ballet and pointe but often grumbles and complains about going to class. We recently was provided an opportunity to see the close dress rehearsal for ABT. (her 1st ballet experience)Once we sat through the performance she turned and looked at me and said ” Mom, I got it all wrong, Ballet is beautiful, who knew that you can be so creative with ballet, It was so exciting and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the performance.” To see her realize that ballet wasn’t just a necessary technique she had to learn she realized Ballet is and can be an art of expression, a creative world that she can just dive into and hide..” So now she doesn’t grumble so much when it is time for pointe and ballet class. I would love the opportunity to take her to her 2nd ballet experience to keep the fire and passion going.

  15. Helen Gettys Michie says:

    I’ve loved the Washington Ballet for 45 years, and have transported to many magical places by your choreography and dancing. Peter Pan sounds wonderful.

  16. Nancy Coviello says:

    I love the WBT because they make ballet relevant to today’s audiences with performances like Peter Pan and the Nutcracker based in DC, but they also leave room for modern works too. As a company they reflect in their choices the diversity of DC itself.

  17. Liz Boone says:

    My 13-year old son is a ballet dancer, and I would love to take him to see Peter Pan. He works very hard and aspires to dance professionally. I think he would be thrilled to see a ballet with so many great male roles.

  18. Precious Leigh says:

    “All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”…and the Washington Ballet provides all those to inspiring and upcoming ballerinas..that’s why we love TWB!!!

  19. E. Bond says:

    I love the Washington Ballet because they soar as high as my own little Billy Elliot’s aspirations! Though, it must be noted: my son is not just a dancer and gymnast…he’s a superhero. But aren’t they all?

  20. Michelle Duncan says:

    We have never been to the ballet here so this would be a terrific adventure. My husband loves to take our 7 and 8 year old boys to the symphony every couple months as a special Dad/Son night out. This would be quite a treat!

  21. Joanne Maldonado says:

    Washington is a city that loves dance in every form. We have companies from around the world that grace us with their talents and I’ve learnt from every one of them. But let’s not forget that as Washingtonians we have one of the best companies in TWB. The elegance, the humor, the true spirit of dance is evident in every work they present. They bring a smile to my face and a kick to my step.

  22. Safira says:

    When I see the TBW perform I feel as if I’M — the entire audience — is physically transported into the show’s world. “Art imitates Life” never is true with this talented bunch. They CREATE life from inception to last run. I’m lucky to breathe in all their magic and … Believe!

  23. Cheryl Stevens says:

    I love the Washington Ballet because they create a world of dance that celebrates the fine art of ballet and that still ‘looks like’ the diverse and cultural mecca of our hometown DC. Whether dancing to Sinatra, a live jazz band, or the Beatles, they make us all feel a part of the wonderous world of dance. To watch them feels like traveling and returning home a new person.

  24. Jessica says:

    My mother used to take me to the ballet at the Kennedy Center when I was a child. I would love to share the experience with my 6 year old daughter. She loves dancing and loves Peter Pan!

  25. Melanie Hoffman says:

    I haven’t been to Washington Ballet in years! I love ballet………. It would be great to see Peter Pan! Washington Ballet is an awesome ballet company!

  26. Kimberly Brummett says:

    TWB always brings a new, and often light hearted, look to well known stories and ideas (i.e. the Nutcracker). I have been lucky enough to see the TWB’s Nutcracker for the last 16+ years (5 of those years my daughter was in it as a TWBS student!). I would love to see how they take the best story of childhood and carefree times (Peter Pan) and transform it with their amazingly talented dancers, costumers and set designers… it is sure to be fantastical!

  27. Lauren Vogan says:

    My 8 year old daughter is a competitive dancer. She started dancing when she was 2, and continues out of a genuine appreciation and love for dance. Over these years, through hard work, dedication, passion and desire, she has achieved every goal she has set out for. She dances for the genuine love of dance, as a sport as well as an art and means of creative expression. She has not seen a professional performance in a few years, and it would allow her to see how her hard work and dedication can pay off!

  28. AJ says:

    When my brother was a toddler, his favorite move of all time was Hook. He knew every line and every move, as he would watch it over and over and jump from bed to dressers like Peter Pan! My brother passed away when he was 15. I’d love to be able to take my mom to see this when she visits this week for my daughters first birthday. It would be great for us to bond over happy memories of my brothers life while celebrating the first year of my little girls life. We both love the arts, and the ballet especially. I’ve never been to a Washington Ballet show, so I was really excited when I saw this opportunity. Thank you!

  29. Danielle Porter says:

    I would love to take my niece to see this wonderful ballet. When I was 2 I started my journey in the arts and I danced up till the age of 20. That ballet is always something that can just take you away into a fairytale land . I hop my niece gets the same opportunity to experience what I have. Thanks in advance. .!!!

  30. Miss Char says:

    I love ballet and the Washington Ballet in particular because it is beautiful, it is art, and it’s loveliest when the artist becomes the art.

  31. Lynda S. says:

    I would love to take my four year old to see this. She gets a little antsy through more serious ballets, but this one would be so fun for both of us. I was about the same age the first time I saw The Washington Ballet. Plus, Captain Hook just looks like he’s having the best time ever!

  32. Jessica says:

    Watched the preview video. Saw the dancers flying through the air. Knew I had to see it! Yup, I’m forty and still in awe of such things!

  33. Sabrina M says:

    I have never actually seen the Washington Ballet in person, but I’d love the opportunity to see this! I’m a kid at heart! 🙂

  34. Jen Van Ness says:

    The Ballet is a magical, transformative experience that never fails to take me to a far away land, to suspend disbelief, and to appreciate the art of bodies in motion!

  35. Azeeza says:

    The Washington Ballet’s performances are always superb. It would be wonderful to see what magic they’ve weaved for Peter Pan.

  36. Michelle H says:

    I love the way ballet dancers use their bodies as a form of self expression. Combined with the music, sets and costumes it’s always a treat!

  37. Gerry Rogers says:

    My daughter loves ballet and Peter Pan! Seeing this performance would be such a treat.

  38. Mandy G says:

    My little nephew is seven, and he wants to be a ballet dancer. But he tells me that in a whisper, because, while only being seven, he “knows” that boys aren’t supposed to be ballet dancers, that only girls can be ballet dancers. I would like the tickets so I can take him to see Peter Pan, and he can see for himself that he can be anything that he sets his mind to be.

  39. Janet Lugo says:

    Ballet along with the amazing musical scores create such magical wonder that awe ia regardless of the age that us engaged. I can only imagine the glee and amazement my kids would experience like my first time at the Nutcracket! Even more so with Peter Pan!

  40. Lori Crow says:

    I would love to be courted and wooed by The Washington Ballet, enthralled and heartbroken by their performance, singing highly of their praises after the engagement, but for the opportunity, I must wait to be chosen. I sit here en pointe, arms reaching longingly for the tickets, expectant of surprise!

  41. Emillia says:

    Ballet is an art form that goes beyond words to convey beauty and meaning and the Washington Ballet has mastered this art.

  42. Colleen says:

    The Washington Ballet creates delightful productions that inspire future dancers and their parents, too.

  43. Susan Shanahan says:

    It’s the best ballet company performing in the best theatre in the U.S! What more needs to be said?

  44. lisa says:

    Opportunities like these are magical because we can experience and love them as a family…from the I’m-so-big 6-year-old to the I-wish-it-wasn’t-true-soon-to-be 50-year old, we laugh, gasp, and love it together!

  45. Kelley says:

    Septime Webre’s interpretations are so vivid, the stories just flow from the dancers. Love the shows!

  46. Kathy Hybl says:

    The Washington Ballet always does a superior performance, and I would love to see Peter Pan with my niece who has never seen a ballet performance!!

  47. Harriett says:

    I love the variety in WBT’s performances. The company does everything well, from Don Quixote to Peter Pan.

  48. Kate says:

    I’ve never seen a more creative ballet company – every performance transports you to another world and keeps you glued to your seat. I love that they often put a modern twist on a traditional character or plot. They also throw fabulous parties!

  49. Cherie Lejeune says:

    The Washington Ballet troupe takes life and “lifts” it to unimaginable heights of splendor delighting not only the eye but one’s heart as we engage in the stories being told on stage. I always leave a production feeling that if I could return in my next life-time as a dancer, I would be happy.

  50. Ruby Andrea says:

    Washington Ballet is always a magical experience. Love it!

  51. Mia Cortez says:

    The Washington Ballet sprinkles a little bit of magic onto everything they do. From Transylvania to Wonderland, they transport the viewer into a world of magical realism where one can lose track of time and just be mesmerized by the beauty and intricacy of their movement and expression.

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