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Suddenly Spring!

We know Mother Nature to be something of a shapeshifter, so it’s a bit dicey to declare the season here after only two glorious days. But, as Tinker Bell told us, all sorts of things can happen if we believe (the clapping of hands is optional).

The signs are there: cherry blossoms and gridlock, automotive as well as pedestrian, around the Tidal Basin. But there are subtler hints, including those contributed by hopeful retailers who decorate our city strolls with windows bursting with pastels and frills and some delightfully silly stuff.

Here are some of those signs found by MyLittleBird’s wandering reporters in Washington, Alexandria and Bethesda. Everything looks so fresh and new we just want this weather to hang around a little longer. Maybe a little hand-clapping wouldn’t hurt.

–Nancy McKeon

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