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The Sensible Season

March 4, 2014


Could it be wishful thinking on our part or has fashion come to its senses this spring? When even models at Chanel saunter down the runway with backpacks (albeit ones that retail for thousands of dollars), we have to surmise that something’s up. For one thing, the backpack has made a comeback and just in time to salvage our lower backs and posture. White cotton blouses in various guises, from camp-style to cropped and down to knee-length, have also made a welcome return to the fashion zeitgeist. Dresses and pants have loosened up so constant gym going is not a necessity.  Finally, to go with the now popular mid-length hem, sporty sandals and low-heeled shoes will make walking a welcome pursuit and are even more proof that fashion is showing us its practical side.

–Janet Kelly

3 thoughts on “The Sensible Season

  1. Judith Goozh says:

    Great news! Even those of us in the “older middle age…or early old age” can look fashionable and feel comfortable.

  2. linda kastan says:

    Delighted about fashion’s new direction. So tired of dresses you can’t wear without major compression garments and then have to accessorize with sky-high heels. Time for a change. Hooray.

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