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Recipe for a Dreary Afternoon

March 29, 2014

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CookbookWebDREARY. DRIZZLY. Downright depressing. All the more reason to make dinner special with the incredible (and easy to make) Salt-Crusted Currant Rye Bread, from Patrick O’Connell of The Inn at Little Washington.

Before you decamp to the kitchen, first a  quick trip to the supermarket, unless you already have rye flour, currants, caraway seeds and pecans in the pantry. Try to get the caraway seeds at a place like Whole Foods that sells them in bulk: Otherwise those precious little jars will run you a fortune because you’ll probably want two of them.

Assemble, mix, let rise (only about an hour), form long, slim loaves, bake and then make sure the butter is out of the fridge because a sheen of butter on a slim slice of this party-size rye bread is going to make your weekend a whole lot brighter.

You can find Chef O’Connell’s recipe here.

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