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A Little Italian

Okay, SpotGucciWebthe Gucci edition of the adorable Fiat 500 doesn’t have a signature bamboo handle on top. But the tiny car does have seatbelts woven in Gucci’s classic red and green stripe. We spotted this shiny black Fiat on Whitehaven Street NW off Wisconsin Avenue, just outside the British School of Washington. And then — trend alert! — we spotted another one, white this time, near Georgetown University. The standard “500 by Gucci” was introduced in 2012  and also has the red and green stripe running along the outside of the car. We also spotted a white Fiat with what looks to be an after-market decal approximating the Gucci stripe. (Nice try but…) But  the 500 is so cute that even without the bamboo handle it looks like a handbag!

One thought on “A Little Italian

  1. linda roth says:

    Silvestro still has fond memories of his original Fiat 500. He had to take out the back seat so he could fit into the front seat! Love the new Gucci 500 but it’s really not that kind of car.

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